At ‘No Labels’ Conference, Gillibrand Touts Her Work With Coburn

Kirsten Gillibrand spoke this morning at today’s ‘No Labels’ conference, a confab devoted to finding bi-partisan solutions to political gridlock, and she pointed to her work with conservative Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn as a possible way forward.

“He wants to ban all earmarks and I like federal investments to create jobs but one thing we agree on is about transparency, that what we need to do when it comes to federal investment, we need transparency, we need accountability, we need to make sure the American people have the information they need to hold members of congress accountable and that’s why we’re on a bill to have searchable databases, and we’re doing it with John McCain,” she said.

Paens about the beauty of bipartisanship were sprinkled into just about every speech at the No Labels launch event at Columbia University this morning. A collection of local and federal officials, along with 300 college students and seemingly random ‘citizen leaders’, spoke harshly against the political vitriol that has defined the nature of the national debate.

“We have seen that people, time and time again, on both sides are measuring their success on how many bills they block,” Gillibrand said.

Other speakers at the morning session this morning had a number of current and former congressmen, including Dan Glickman from Kansas, Bruce Braley from Iowa, and Tom Davis from Virginia.

  At ‘No Labels’ Conference, Gillibrand Touts Her Work With Coburn