AT&T Finally Going 4G, But No Salvation For iPhones In Sight

2011 could be a rough year for AT&T.

The carrier is about to drop almost $2 billion to buy spectrum for its 4G network, according to CNET, which will be finished some time in middle of the year.

But it’s no help to the millions of iPhone users who put AT&T in last place for customer satisfaction because of dropped calls, bad customer service and disingenuous advertising.

The iPhone won’t work on the new network, which uses LTE or so-called “fourth generation” technology. Voice traffic will remain on AT&T’s 2G and 3G networks until the company introduces new phones that will be compatible.

So AT&T customers who want an iPhone that runs on AT&T’s new speedy network will probably have to wait for Apple to come out with an LTE phone and then spend a lot of money to upgrade.

Verizon is said to be introducing an iPhone in early 2011. It’s unclear whether it will support Verizon’s new 4G network, which was launched earlier this month.

Will Verizon’s network buckle under the weight of browser-happy iPhone users? Will AT&T fade ingloriously into oblivion? Will iPhones in Manhattan ever drop fewer than 30 percent of calls? Is Luke Wilson a sellout? Stay tuned!

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AT&T Finally Going 4G, But No Salvation For iPhones In Sight