BCDO closes its headquarters

Several sources in Bergen confirmed last night that the Bergen County Democratic Organization (BCDO) headquarters in Hackensack has closed.

Executive Director Chris Lee said the organization moved down the hall to a smaller office while they’re searching for new digs, but sources said the organization is behind on the rent from the era of former Chairman Joe Ferriero.

Current chairman Michael Kasparian had been paying the rent and trying to catch up on the inherited debts but ultimately made the decision to vacate the Hackensack building, according to soures.

Lee said the executive committee will decide where the future headquarters will be at their next meeting, and had been considering finding new space since last year.

Sources say Ferriero had made an arrangement with the building owner to eventually catch up on the rent but when he stepped down in 2008, the owner called the rent into Kasparian.

BCDO closes its headquarters