Card Declined: Visa, MasterCard Refuse Wikileaks Donations

It’s been a rough morning for Wikileaks. Notorious front man Julian Assange turned himself in to the British police to face charges of rape in Sweden.

At the same time Mastercard and Visa declared they are suspending payments to Wikileaks, effectively blocking their customers from donating to the organization. Online giant Paypal has also cut off funding for Wikileaks.

As Jeff Jarvis points out over at HuffPo, “I can use Visa and Mastercard to pay for porn and support anti-abortion fanatics, Prop 8 homophobic bigots, and the Ku Klux Klan. But I can’t use them or PayPal to support Wikileaks, transparency, the First Amendment, and true government reform.”

There is a difference, of course, between being an ideological outsider, or even a proponent of hate speech, and the #1 enemy of the state.

Twitter and Facebook remain havens for Wikileaks. No word yet on whether the organization can run its operations soley on Facebook credits.

UPDATE: Pirates to the rescue. Donations can still be made to Wikileaks through Flattr, the social micropayments site created by Peter Sunde, the man behind the notorious torrent site, The Pirate Bay. Assange’s love-hate relationship with Sweden continues to grow.

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Card Declined: Visa, MasterCard Refuse Wikileaks Donations