Celebrating a Holiday Thriller

A motley Manhattan crew turned out on the chilly first evening of December for the premiere of All Good Things, the Kirsten Dunst-starring feature inspired by the murder of Kathy Durst, wife of Robert Durst, scion of the Time Square real estate family. A New York crowd for a New York story, the guests ranged from Nora Ephron to Rodarte’s Mulleavy sisters to onetime Rich Girls star Ally Hilfiger.

At the start of the evening, Ms. Hilfiger exchanged an oddly convivial greeting with NY1’s bushy-browed society reporter George Whipple. The incongruous pair embraced like reunited college roommates. Ms. Hilfiger, in a diagonally ruched bronze-colored dress and gray tights, later told The Observer the only thing she was asking for this Christmas was good health. (Boring!)

Further along on the black carpet, another eager exchange took place. Kirsten Dunst sidled up to co-star Frank Langella, her signature pencil-thin lips spreading ear to ear in an overzealous smile before embracing the Wall Street II martyr with a double-cheek kiss.

Mr. Langella, in a black leather jacket, chatted with another guest on his way into the theater; the actor was asked if he would be attending the after-party.

“I think we will, yes.” The septuagenarian actor nodded. “My lady’s seeing the movie, so I’m going to have to come back and get her.” The lady in question was rakish actress Nicole Roderick, who is half the age of the actor, who was last linked to 81-year-old Barbara Walters.

When asked what he enjoyed most about making the Andrew Jarecki-directed film, Mr. Langella answered, “I loved all the locations, I loved Andrew’s fierce commitment. And I have had the great privilege of working with first-time directors in the last five years, and I really would like to go on doing it. It’s wonderful.”

Ms. Dunst, who marks a return to the big screen with the society thriller, wore a sheer Valentino sheath dress, its staid silhouette offset by the dress’ black lace artfully layered over a coy trompe l’oeil nude underlay suggesting further sheerness.

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Did Ms. Dunst ask for anything for Christmas?

“Ahh, I didn’t actually. I’m trying to think.” The Marie Antoinette star shrugged, bringing up her hand to comb her sleekly coiffed bob behind her ear, revealing Fred Leighton dangly diamond earrings.

“Oh, you know what? I started a plate collection of Mason plates, two different types. So that’s my new thing.”

For the holidays, the actress will “just go back to L.A. and hang with my family.”

Vogue mascot Hamish Bowles arrived promptly, his aubergine pochette matching his purple tie.

Inside the theater I Remember Nothing author Nora Ephron sat with husband Nick Pileggi and actress Parker Posey in the row directly behind Mr. Jarecki and his wife. Ms. Ephron, all in black per usual, declined to share her holiday wish list but confirmed that she and Mr. Pileggi will be staying in the city for the holidays.

Ms. Posey was more forthcoming. “I’m going to New Orleans, from right after Christmas through New Year’s, then up to Vermont.” What does the acerbic comedian want for Christmas? “An electric blanket!”

After the screening, the notoriously press-shy Rodarte duo Kate and Laura Mulleavy huddled together outside the theater engrossed in serious conversation. Laura wore a peach lace dress with black T-strap heels and an oversize black geriatri-chic cardigan; Kate was in all black, accessorized by a large canvas tote that read “Societe de Proust de l’Amerique,” with a silhouette of the Swann’s Way author facing the text. When asked for an interview, the sisters seemed as startled as deer caught in headlights and abruptly answered, “Sorry, no.”

At the Buddakan-based after-party, fellow co-stars Kristen Wiig and Lily Rabe, who came directly from that evening’s Merchant of Venice performance, posed with Ms. Dunst for a flurry of photographs. Ms. Rabe, who plays the novelist that the Durst character also murders in the film, wore a cream-colored long-sleeve minidress accented by vermilion lips. She chatted with Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson star Benjamin Walker, whose fiancée, Mamie Gummer, Ms. Rabe has known since childhood (their mothers, Meryl Streep and the late Jill Clayburgh, were longtime friends).

Ms. Posey gesticulated heavily while talking to actor Bob Balaban under the dramatic chandeliers in the high-ceilinged space.

Mr. Balaban raved about the film to The Observer, noting eagerly, “I thought it was so creepy in the best way. I knew that story fairly well and I was still surprised all the time.” The Observer wished Mr. Balaban a good night. He turned around smiling, “if I can ever sleep again.”

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