Civil Service reform measure passes

Negotiations over the civil service reform bill are still ongoing, and may be resolved by a conditional veto by the governor after the legislation has been passed.

The bill, A3590, makes various changes to the laws concerning civil service of public employees.

Assemblywoman Dianne Gove (R-Long Beach) motioned to send the bill backwards in the legislative process for amendment, but was overruled by the majority, 42-32.

The bill was then passed 43-32.

Under the new law, civil service examinations would be announced and administered on a continual basis, and applications will be available online.

Another requirement is that all civil service-related layoff plans and all accompanying information required by the Civil Service Commission will be posted online when received, as well as by the appointing authority on its website when submitted.

Importantly, the bill allows towns and employee unions to agree on terms avoiding or reducing layoffs at the same time as negotiating collective bargaining terms.

It also creates a Civil Service Title Reduction Task Force to develop a list of titles – not including public safety – to be consolidated or abolished by the Civil Service Commission, reducing the number of title by one-third.



Civil Service reform measure passes