Damien Hirst’s New Art Even Creepier Than Usual

What’s creepier than a platinum, diamond-encrusted human skull? A platinum, diamond-encrusted infant skull, of course!

Shock-jock artist Damien Hirst is notorious for his 2007 sculpture “For the Love of God,” a human skull cast entirely of diamonds which he tried (unsuccessfully) to sell for £50 million.

Now, he’s at it again. Perhaps out of deference to leaner times, however, Hirst’s new version is smaller. His cast of an infant’s skull—made with platinum and pavé and set with pink and white diamonds—will be the centerpiece of Gagosian Hong Kong’s inaugural exhibition, according to The Art Newspaper.

TAN reports that Science Ltd, Hirst’s main art-producing company, declined to comment on the price of the new work at this time. But bargain hunters, stay alert: a smaller skull probably means a smaller price tag.

(via Artinfo)

Damien Hirst’s New Art Even Creepier Than Usual