David Einhorn Has a Joke to Tell You

As part of his media tour to promote the paperback version of his book, Fooling Some of the People All of the Time: A Long Short Story, Greenlight Capital head David Einhorn appeared on Charlie Rose to talk about how messed up the economy is. In response to questions about whether Lehman Brothers could have been saved, Einhorn tells a joke that appears at the end of his book. Readers may recognize it from a joke book their mothers bought them as children.

There’s a joke that I tell in the epilogue. It’s about a guy who’s caught in a flood. He gets on the roof of his house. And somebody comes by on a boat, and says “Come in. I will bring you to safety.
And the man says “No, the Lord will save me.”
And then 20 minutes later, the water‘s coming up and a helicopter comes and says “We’ll drop down a rope and we’ll save you.”
And the man says, “No, the Lord will save me.” And then he drowns and he goes to heaven.
And he sees God. And God says, “I’m very surprised to see you here.”

And the man says, “I thought you were going to save me.”
And God says, “I sent you a boat and a helicopter. What did you want?”

Charlie Rose laughs very hard at this joke, perhaps because it’s about a talking helicopter?

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David Einhorn Has a Joke to Tell You