Dealbook London Correspondent Scores Deal for Crisis Book

Anita Raghavan, a London-based journalist for Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Dealbook, will write the next book on the financial crisis: an investigation into the notorious Galleon Group hedge fund, which slowly collapsed after revelations of fraud and insider trading in October 2008. The book was sold at auction to Business Plus, a Grand Central imprint.

Ms. Raghavan also writes for Forbes, and recently published a profile of Galleon’s disgraced founder Raj Rajaratnam in the issue that featured Jay-Z and Warren Buffett on the cover.

In the piece, she revealed a flair for details.

A man of Falstaffian appetites and a craving for power, Rajaratnam enjoyed throwing flamboyant parties to show he was a big shot and to indulge his network of associates, who, the feds allege, passed along insider information. He hobnobbed with industry bigwigs, playing Fantasy Football with the likes of Paul Tudor Jones.

The man could certainly party. In August 2007, for his 50th birthday, he chartered a plane and flew 70 friends, family members and alleged informants–referred to as the “Raj Tribe”–to a safari in Kenya. (Guests received T-shirts that read, “The Riotous, Rowdy, Rebellious Raj Tribe.”) Among them: Anil Kumar, the McKinsey senior partner who pleaded guilty to supplying inside information to Rajaratnam, and his wife, Mala; and Ali Far, an ex-Galleon employee also charged in connection with the ring, and his wife, Pantea. For five days guests went on game drives to see lions, hippos and other wildlife, breakfasted on the Mara plains and partied at night.

The book is tentatively titled Sons of the Morning, and no projected publication date is listed.

Dealbook London Correspondent Scores Deal for Crisis Book