Deborah Solomon-Steve Martin 92Y Talk Ends in a Refund

Yesterday, the 92nd Street Y sent an email informing attendees of a Monday discussion between New York Times magazine interviewer Deborah Solomon and Steve Martin that the talk had not lived up to the organization’s standards of quality and that ticket holders would receive a refund for the evening.

At the center of the disappointment was the fact that the two did not discuss much of Mr. Martin’s acting career. The discussion instead centered on the art world, which is the subject of Mr. Martin’s latest novel.

Via The Times:

“Frankly, you would think that an audience in New York, at the 92nd Street Y, would be interested in hearing about art and artists,” Ms. Solomon added in an e-mail. “I had no idea that the Y programmers wanted me to talk to Steve instead on what it’s like to host the Oscars or appear in ‘It’s Complicated’ with Alec Baldwin. I think the Y, which is supposedly a champion of the arts, has behaved very crassly and is reinforcing the most philistine aspects of a culture that values celebrity and award shows over art.”

Near the end of the talk, Mr. Martin did answer a handful of written questions from the audience about his film and TV career.

Deborah Solomon-Steve Martin 92Y Talk Ends in a Refund