Dems to governor: ‘Get them off the payroll’

Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono (D-Metuchen) and Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Cryan (D-Union Twp.) want the state to scrap contracts with Reform Jersey Now donors. 

“The connection to Reform Jersey Now seems to have turned from an embarrassment of riches for well-connected contractors to just plain embarrassment for New Jersey taxpayers,” said Buono. “After years of hearing Republicans decry the ‘pay-to-play’ culture of New Jersey, this disclosure uncovered hypocrisy of monumental proportions. These contracts need to be nullified right now, before one more dollar of taxpayer money is spent to reward Reform Jersey Now’s donors.”

“Now we know the reason for all the secrecy,” said Cryan. “Reform Jersey Now was nothing more than a Swiss bank account for pay-to-play. For a Governor who claims of having the highest ethical standards, this is just the latest example of his ‘do as I say, not as I do’ style. Not one of these tainted contracts should stand, and if the Governor was a man of his word, he’d cancel them and allow them to be rebid in a truly fair and open process.”

Of Reform Jersey Now’s contributions, four firms that received hundreds of millions of dollars worth of state business in 2010:

Ferreira Construction ($25,000 donation), which received state transportation contracts totaling $174 million

George Harms Construction ($25,000 donation), which received more than $130 million worth of state transportation contracts

Michael Perrucci ($22,500 donation) and Douglas Steinhardt ($22,500 donation), partners in a law firm which did hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business with several state agencies and commissions

Langan Engineering & Environmental ($22,500 donation), which earned roughly $2 million through contracts with various state agencies.

Dems to governor: ‘Get them off the payroll’