Dow Diary: Bring On the Two Year Highs

Dear Diary,

It just keeps on getting better for me. For the second day in a row, I’m hitting a two-year high! Christmas is coming early to the financial exchanges. And it’s not without good reason. Third-quarter GDP numbers were revised upward today, and November existing home sales rose for the first time in months. There was general joy in the financial-services sector, as my bank stocks JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America both ended the day higher.

I climbed 26 points today and am up about 5 percent this month! I am headed into the new year with some serious swagger. That said, trading volume has been light lately, partly on account of the holdays. And so who knows whether these heady days can last? For now, I’m just enjoying the good cheer.

I won’t be keeping my diary tomorrow, because I’m just feeling too good. Why do all this self-examination when things are rolling along so smoothly?

See you soon,

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Dow Diary: Bring On the Two Year Highs