Elizabeth Warren Rustles Up AGs for Dodd-Frank Posse

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau queen-designate Elizabeth Warren is turning to the 50 state attorneys general for help in her campaign to make financial services work for the little guy.

Bloomberg reports:

The attorneys general say they are now invited to the nation’s capital and talk with Warren by telephone almost weekly as she sets up the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. On Nov. 30, Warren traveled to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to plot strategy at the prosecutors’ winter meeting.

Ever since the foreclosure crisis went nationwide and attorneys general from all 50 states have been treated by the press as a monolithic enformecment entity (probably partly because it’s intellectually gratifying to show off that you know it’s not “attorney generals”). It’s been fun for us to think of them as this pack of trained animals that one can unleash on the financial service industry, and apparently Elizabeth Warren feels the same way.

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Elizabeth Warren Rustles Up AGs for Dodd-Frank Posse