Elsewhere: Fundamentally a Dictator

A federal judge declared a key part of Obamacare unconstitutional.

Matt Yglesias compares the “No Labels” philosophy to buying a diet soda without knowing the brand.

And writes Jamelle Bouie, “Rather than empower interests and individuals through institutions, No Label wants to create policy through a unified vision that subsumes those interests to some ill-defined “national good.” When the truth is that the United States is too large and diverse to have anything close to a “national good.” Indeed, the genius of our system is that it doesn’t try to create a single voice, as much as it attempts to give each voice it’s own stake in the process.”

Did the group rip-off their logo?

Bloomberg is making a fashion statement. 

David Plotz says Bloomberg would make a lousy president since a “New York mayor is fundamentally a dictator.”

Is Adolfo Carrion looking at 2013? 

Marty Golden penned an open letter to Andrew Cuomo.

The Fix gives three reasons why Bloomberg won’t run.

Kirsten Gillibrand voted no on the tax deal today, Chuck Schumer voted yes.

George Pataki is crowing over a federal court’s decision on Obama care.

David Paterson officially fired David Johnson.

Today was a mixed bag for the governor.


  Elsewhere: Fundamentally a Dictator