Elsewhere: Loopholes In Their Hearts

Bernie Sanders went old school filibuster style, speaking for eight hours (and counting!) on the floor of the Senate.

Congressman Charlie Rangel said “Republicans have shown loopholes in their hearts” by blocking the Zadroga 9/11 health care bill.

About 900 state employees are being laid off.

Senate Republicans created a horse-racing task force.

The public integrity commissioner is concerned.

Mike Bloomberg, Anthony Weiner and Harold Ford Jr. will be on “Meet the Press”

Mayor Bloomberg gave a speech on immigration reform to “pinstriped titans” like Rupert Murdoch, Lloyd Blankfein, and Kenneth Chenault.

Bloomberg  will join several leading Democratic, Republican and other independent political leaders in the launch of a new group that hopes to find non-partisan solutions to some of the nation’s problems and to impact the next Congressional session.

Meanwhile, Howard Wolfson recommends some third party reading.

Obama sought out Bill Clinton’s “candid advice.”

Congressman Gary Ackerman explains why he’s opposing the tax cut plan.

Ken Mehlman thinks Republicans should support gay marriage.

Democratic congressman Peter DeFazio is threatening to not back in Obama in 2012, saying “The president needs to be pushed.”

At this point in 2006, five Republicans had made early filings to run for the White House in 2008. Today, none have declared for the 2012 contest.

David Paterson created a panel that will look into judicial pay increases.

And, above, a photo of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visiting the Reverend Al Sharpton at the National Action Network’s new offices. Elsewhere: Loopholes In Their Hearts