Elsewhere: Painful

New York will lose 1-2 House seats.

Cathie Black hit two schools in Queens today as part of her Public Schools 2010 tour.

In These Times approves of Bloomberg’s efforts to halt the use of food stamps to buy soda.

House Republicans are getting rid of the Global Warming Committee.

Senator Gillibrand says Wikileaks’ cable release “may well be an act of terrorism” or “an act of espionage.”

David Paterson told Mike Francesa his tenure as governor has been “painful.”

Republicans are declaring victory for Jack Martins, but Democrats aren’t giving up on Craig Johnson yet.

Michael Caputo said that the release of Carl Paladino’s emails was like “a bullet to the head.”

Diana Taylor and Joel Klein (separately) lunched at Michael’s.

No more feel good celebrations in Congress.

Vinny Leibell has retired.

Dov Hikind doesn’t like pedestrian plazas.

Elsewhere: Painful