Elsewhere: Without Making Any Immolating Gaffes

The Senate blocked repeal of DADT

2013 Alert! Rev. Al Sharpton doesn’t approve of Anthony Weiner’s criticisms of Barack Obama.

Andrew Cuomo announced some senior staff positions.

New details about Gregg Birnbaum’s resignation as New York Post political editor.

Attention New York City motorists: If you get into an accident and need the FDNY to come to the rescue, expect a bill.

David Paterson thinks Mike Bloomberg is looking in to running for President.

Ralph Nader has 21 reasons why Bloomberg can win, among them  “He has survived nine years as mayor of a turbulent city without…making any immolating gaffes.” 

Dan Balz: “Bloomberg will keep trying to stoke interest and remain visible. He is setting himself up as the pragmatic critic of business-as-usual in Washington while trying to make America see New York as a story of economic success, not a land apart from the values the rest of the country shares.” 

Rudy Giuliani called Eliot Spitzer “a nitwit.”

House Democrats aren’t on board with Obama’s tax deal.


The city council debated bike lanes.

There are only seven New York City mayors “whose legacy has not been officially enshrined as the name of a street, bridge, school, park, housing project, college or some other edifice,” Sam Roberts reports. 

Jim Morrison’s record is now clear

  Elsewhere: Without Making Any Immolating Gaffes