Facebook Hires Envoys to Court New York Media

Facebook hosted a dinner last week for big Web publishers. Tina Brown was in attendance, along with reps from ESPN, The New York Times and Conde Nast.

According to Peter Kafka at All Things D, it’s part of a campaign by Facebook to woo big media and put itself in between consumers and the news and entertainment they’re consuming.

One New York-based outlet has already partnered with Facebook: The Huffington Post, which uses Facebook Connect to give readers an identity while they browse and encourage them to easily share what they’re reading with friends.

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Facebook also wants to do something similar with television and met with Time Warner executives last week as well, Kafka reports:

Facebook and Time Warner are now talking about using the social network’s login system to “authenticate” cable subscribers who want to watch online video from cable channels like TBS and HBO.

Facebook has hired a former biz dev VPs, Andy Mitchell from the Daily Beast and Nick Grudin from Newsweek, to help make its case in New York.

Time Warner and other content producers are hoping that adding Facebook will make their content stickier and more popular. Facebook is interested in the data it will get on consumer interests and habits.

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Facebook Hires Envoys to Court New York Media