First Round Capital Has The Best Holiday Card

Earlier this year Old Spice premiered an ad campaign in which their spokesman replied in real time to users Twitter comments. 

The partners and portfolio companies from First Round Capital, which has a strong presence in New York, are recreating that act to send out their holiday greetings. 

“Hello Internet denizens, how are you this joyous holiday time of year,” asks Managing Partner Josh Kopelman, who appears wearing a joke muscle suit standing in a coporate office. “Fantastic!” 

First Round Capital’s holiday card slash Old Spice homage has been blowing up on Twitter all day. 

“Look at your term sheet, now look at mine.” It’s VC humor! Suddenly the stage set pulls away and Kopelman is in a closet, plugging on of First Round’s startups. 

Kopelman proceeds to make it rain, with both money and water, before stepping in and out of a magical uber-cab. “Imagine being waited on hand and foot by your very own venture concierge.” Ding!

“Imagine all this being built for you by investors who have chainsawed mighty oaks into companies with their bare hands while blindfolded and locked in a straight jacket inside an ancient pirate captain’s chest.” And breathe. 

In the crowded VC game, with investors competing hard for the hearts and minds of young web startups, it doesn’t get more brilliant than this. 

Bonus Round – All the First Round portfolio companies send their greetings from inside a shower.  First Round Capital Has The Best Holiday Card