Four Loko-less? Grab your Credit Card and Get to Craigslist!

Did you spent the last few weeks in such debilitating Four Loko withdrawal that you forgot to clean out your local bodega of every jumbo-sized can of the stuff? Or have you gone on an extended Loko bender that’s drained your entire stash within days? Have no fear. Enterprising people are selling the dearly missed blackout-in-a-can online – for the maniacally overpriced sum of $8 each.

The New York Daily News has a guide to finding the stuff on Craigslist now that you can’t walk to your friendly neighborhood joint for Four Loko Thursdays. They found a half-dozen ads swilling the Four Loko, and despite prices far above the $2 we used to pay at the counter, they noted that “several peddlers sold out in hours.”

Not everyone is simply out to turn a profit. One seller, you said he lives in the East Village, just can’t deal with all the awesomeness anymore.

“I was like, I got to get rid of these, I can’t have these around,” said Phil, 26 and unemployed. “That stuff is really a menace. Everything’s going fine and then it hits you like a ton of bricks and you don’t remember the rest of the night.”

But for some, Phil, 26 and unemployed, that’s the fun part.

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