Foursquare Cracks Down On Fake Mayors

Foursquare closed a major loophole in its reward system today, making it impossible for users to earn mayorship by checking in over the mobile web.

To earn a mayorship now, users must check in and have their location certified by GPS. In other words they, or at least their cell phones, actually have to be in the location. 

By checking in via mobile web, users can still earn the self-congratulatory items like points and badges, but the check-ins won’t count toward mayorship. 

It’s an important move for Foursquare. As mayorships are increasingly tied to business partnerships and offline rewards, Foursquare has to ensure that merchants don’t feel they’re getting duped. 

If only it were this easy to get rid of bogus mayors in real life. 

Foursquare Cracks Down On Fake Mayors