Fred Wilson Calls ‘Bullshit’ On Silicon Alley Insider’s Cool 100 List

UPDATE: Fred Wilson responds below. 

Prominent VC Fred Wilson is not pleased with Silicon Alley Insiders’ treatment of his beloved New York tech scene. Today he highlighted a new blog, We Are NY Tech, that he hopes will change the tenor of startup coverage. 

“Unlike silly lists like the Business Insider ‘Coolest 100 People’ which is bullshit and I hate it and wish they would stop putting out nonsense like that,” wrote Wilson on his blog, “We Are NY Tech is democratic, wonderful to look at and read, and is exactly the kind of service we need in NYC to identify who is who and who is doing what and why.”

We Are NY Tech comes from Simande, a small four-person web shop that has designed for clients like CNN, Columbia University and Mercedes Benz. 

The profiles on We Are NY Tech can be sorted by Founders, Developers, Designers or Females—a gender specific nod to Change the Ratio. So far it’s got around 20 profiles, a Twitter feed and, of course, terrific web design. 

The site posts one new profile a day and so far is simply a labor of love. Wilson did his best, however, to drop some business opportunities in Simande’s lap. “If I were Silicon Valley Bank, Gunderson, Cooley, Ambrose, and a host of other service providers to NYC’s startup community, I’d be trying to buy sponsorships of We Are NY Tech. ”

Full Disclosure: Tech Observer is certainly guilty of creating subjective Silicon Alley lists. Check out, for example, our list of NY Startups Who Are on Fire in 2010. >> 

UPDATE: The first comment below is from Fred Wilson – “Your headline is misleading. You are doing the same crap that BI does. I never said BI’s coverage was bullshit. I said their “coolest 100″ list was bullshit. There is a big difference and you and your editors should know better. Please fix this now.”

Fred Wilson Calls ‘Bullshit’ On Silicon Alley Insider’s Cool 100 List