Gary Barnett Puts New Riverside Ballfields Under Luxury Lockdown

Gary Barnett has made plenty of enemies at his developments at Riverside South, including litigious tenants and Borough President Scott Stringer. Now, local little leaguers are up in arms too.

Part of the agreement to develop the massive residential complex, which was begun by Donald Trump in the 1980s, was to extend Riverside Park south, from 72nd Street to 59th Street. When Barnett’s Extell Development took over the project last decade, it took on the responsibility for finishing the park. Part of that included a set of modern ballfields, which were recently finished but now remain under lock-and-key, according to DNAinfo.

Community members will not be allowed to use the new turf, which includes a baseball diamond, soccer field and volleyball court, until the property is turned over to the city sometime in the future. Until then, an eight-foot chainlink fence and a security guard are present to keep anyone who does not live in Riverside South’s luxury towers out. 

Non-residents may pay a $20-per-hour fee to use the fields, as long as they are accompanied by someone who lives in the complex.

And so the list of Gary Barnett’s friends continues to dwindle.

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Gary Barnett Puts New Riverside Ballfields Under Luxury Lockdown