Gawker Hack Leads to Twitter Spam, Is Facebook Next?

Gawker users who used the same email address and password for their Twitter accounts suddenly won’t shut up about acai berries. Twitter thinks the acai revival is due to the hacker group Gnosis publishing tens of thousands of usernames, email addresses and passwords for Gawker users.

We haven’t seen anything about acai berries on Facebook yet, but plenty of people use the same password for their Facebook and Twitter accounts (and email and more) and there is some buzz on Twitter from Facebook users complaining their accounts were hacked last night or today.

Gawker and a loose alliance of gentlemanly hackers from Hacker News and the user-friendly Hint are recommending that users who have registered with Gawker change their passwords immediately.

The attack appears not to have affected too many users–already the anti-acai berry warnings have exceeded the number of tweets about free acai berry trials.

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Gawker Hack Leads to Twitter Spam, Is Facebook Next?