Gawker Hacker Gnosis’s Penis Obsession

No surprise, here: Gawker hacker Gnosis, though officially unaffiliated with 4chan, shares the message board’s notorious homophobia and preoccupation with masturbation.

These gems extracted from the depths of the readme file [all sic, naturally]:

Not long after wading through the epic shit pit that is gawker we discover a campfire account belonging to our good friend Nick! Campfire is a team collaboration site allowing the admins and authors of gawker to circle jerk in real time.

There’s over 4GB of chat logs, proberbly because they have  no life and sit at the computer all day jerking each other off  and stroking eachothers ego

You’d think by now after being compromised Nick would change all his passwords. He doesn’t, instead his fellow circle jerkers convince him that it was his own fault, That the account wasn’t hacked but instead Nicks own fault by clicking a “link” lol.

Here’s an amusing chat log from the campfire where they think they’d actually won! Apparently they’re not scared of 4chan, and Brian M invites us all to suck on his micro penis leading us to beleive he is gay!

We’ve not done yet, we have other targets in our sights, you will all soon realise that nothing is sacred on the internet, we can get to each and every one of you and expose your so called “security” and expose you for the faggots you are!

The obsession is ironic, considering how many Gawker editors and alums are openly gay. But then this whole episode is such an irony overload that it actually kind of threatens to ruin irony for a while.

Gawker Hacker Gnosis’s Penis Obsession