Goldman Sachs Investing in Bed Intruders!

Next New Networks is a New York-based network of online video producers that has had a hand in YouTube hits including Obama Girl, Autotune the News and the Bed Intruder Song, which was the most-viewed YouTube video of the year.

YouTube is rumored to be in talks to buy NNN, but TechCrunch is reporting something that suggests the startup may not be interested: NNN just raised $1.2 million in debt financing from Goldman Sachs and Saban Capital Group, as well as investors at Fuse Capital and Spark Capital.

NNN helps YouTube artists with branding and site design, advises on audience development, and helps with advertising and sponsorship. NNN also works directly with YouTube, iTunes and other distributors to get artist content promoted and featured so it can get a bajillion views.

NNN has raised more than $29 million since 2007, according to CrunchBase. Below, an early episode of Autotune the News.

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Goldman Sachs Investing in Bed Intruders!