Google: Come to New York, Let’s Save the World

Seth Weintraub, who covers the Google beat at Fortune, has noticed two new job postings for Google’s New York office.

The positions are at Google Ideas, an amorphous initiative at Google under which we assume seemingly random things like self-driving cars might be lumped.

“Google Ideas is a “think/do tank” focused on connecting across different sectors, disciplines and experiences to understand and act upon global challenges in new and innovative ways,” the ad says. Nice work if you can get it.

“The establishment of this team is based on the fact that there are many complex global challenges–social, economic, political, security–that remain unresolved despite lots of experts thinking about them and vast resources being allocated to them.”

Gomplex global challenges unsolved? Sounds like a job for Google.

Google hired Jared Cohen to start up the New York-based initiative in September.

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