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Acting Gov. Steve Sweeney’s first act of business was to declare a state of emergency and this morning he closed state offices.  If he keeps it up, state workers may just try to draft Sweeney as governor for life.

This morning, Sweeney issued the following statement:

“The snow may have ended, but the high winds will continue to keep things treacherous. The state of emergency remains in full effect. I urge all residents to stay home and stay off the roads. In addition, I have ordered all state offices closed for today.

“The State Police, Office of Emergency Management and Department of Transportation have been working nonstop to clear snow and help stranded motorists. I thank everyone who had been working throughout the night for their dedicated service.

“The most important thing for residents to do today is to stay safe. If you have elderly neighbors, please check in on them to make sure they are safe. The worst of this storm is behind us, but we all still need to be careful and to look out for each other.” 

Gov. Popularity