Hackers Publish 21 Alleged GAWKER Staff Passwords

We’re still in the early to middle stages of the fallout from the attack on Gawker sites yesterday. But the hackers released a file with what they *claim* were the logins and passwords of 21 past and present Gawker staff, which altogether appear pretty weak.

Any valid passwords have been changed by now and the list is available publicly. So we’re reproducing it here:

Alex Pareene: kavan1

Choira Sicha: arthur

Richard Lawson: bambola

John Cook: freddy

Whitney Jefferson: tilden

Nick Denton: 24862486

And more (username, password, email address):

jesseo ::: jesseo1 ::: jesse@gawker.com

peti ::: almafa ::: peter@gawker.com

nayab_098 ::: connecti ::: nayab_098@gawker.com

nunzilla ::: boeing ::: brett@gawker.com

rlawson ::: bambola ::: richardl@gawker.com

Lodwicktologist ::: lauren ::: michael@gawker.com

a_OK ::: okies ::: mafficked@gawker.com

CarolineG ::: dratini ::: cg@gawker.com

nicola3 ::: cheesies ::: nicola@gawker.com

whitneytilden ::: tilden ::: whitney@gawker.com

katemax ::: newyork ::: kate@gawker.com

JaneLevin ::: sparkle ::: jane@gawker.com

mgnyc ::: louise ::: mgilbert@gawker.com

saortega ::: capecod ::: samantha@gawker.com

Sposts ::: amads ::: anna@gawker.com

Almost all the passwords are letters-only, all are lower case, and marketing manager Jane Levin’s would have been susceptible to a dictionary attack, in which hackers try every word in the dictionary.

Should have read that helpful Lifehacker post, guys.

Check out the slideshow of our favorite tweets about Gawker, the attack and hubris here.

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