Housing Program Rejects the Needy, Blames Science

The Department of Homeless Services has begun a trial to determine whether a charitable city foundation, Homebase, is doing a good job at offering free counseling, emergency funds and job training to some of New York’s most vulnerable.

Homebase offers support to individuals and families who have fallen behind on rent and are close to being evicted to try to get them back on their feet again. The study, backed by a handful of academics and designed to evaluate the efficiency of the program in the coming months, is based around 400 households that asked Homebase for help over the summer. Half of them were accepted, half were denied, and all had the honor of participating in a trial that used them as “lab rats.”

Issues of human decency aside, according to The Times, Homebase was actually declared “highly successful” in the September 2010 Mayor’s Magagement Report.

“They should immediately stop this experiment,” a justifiably outraged Scott Stringer told the paper. The Observer is with Mr. Stringer. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like being denied vital assistance for the next two years.


Housing Program Rejects the Needy, Blames Science