In Bubblicious Times, Some NY Startups Like to Keep Things Lite

Ten entrepreneurs pitched their websites last night at a panel organized by Ultra Light Startups, a community dedicated, albeit loosely, to the idea of funding a startup using the founders’ savings and revenues from the service, without taking any investment capital.

With all the cash flowing to tech startups, this idea isn’t really in vogue. So many companies have been bagging millions that it’s almost a consensus that the industry is in a serious bubble, with too much money going toward companies that are overvalued.

Not all the entreprenuers who presented are trying to bootstrap, but some are already earning revenue.

The crowd favorites, as determined by the people watching the event online, were:

Naama Networks: An online aggregator for food delivery, so that any restaurant can add online ordering.

Flagthat: An app to bookmark restaurants, bars and other places in the real world and see your friends’ bookmarks.

Grovo Learning, Inc.: A site for video tutorials that teach users how to use new websites.

Other presenters included Text-A-Cab, which lets you reserve any kind of ground transportation online or from your phone, and, a stream of the ill-advised messages people post on Twitter. Hmmm, Twitter faux paux’s are sure to grow, but will it be a business…

adrianne [at] | @adrjeffries In Bubblicious Times, Some NY Startups Like to Keep Things Lite