Introducing Fitango: Online Goal-Tracking For The Weak-Willed

Want to lose weight? Learn Italian? Be the master of your holiday shopping? Meet goal-oriented startup Fitango, based in Midtown and officially launching next week. offers a catalog of goals broken into day-by-day “Actionplans” and a social network to pressure you to complete them. Fitango is banking on the quirks of human willpower–goals are easier to achieve when broken into small pieces, the theory goes–and users can join a goal-specific forum on Fitango or share their progress on Facebook in order to introduce the motivating element of peer pressure.

Actionplans are written by Fitango staff and “experts” they’ve recruited and are available in the Planstore. Plans available now for free include the Crossword Puzzle tracker (no set timeline), Six Months to Healthy Weight Loss (authored by a personal trainer, $5.99), Seven Days to a Lower Carbon Diet and 12-week Bridal Boot Camp.

The site will eventually make money as a platform where people can sell their patented fitness methods, language-learning tricks, signature juice fasts, etc.

In order to establish legitimacy, Fitango is playing it straight–“Survive A Zombie Apolcalypse” was removed in advance of the launch.

ajeffries [at] | @adrjeffries Introducing Fitango: Online Goal-Tracking For The Weak-Willed