It’s Official: Parker and Broderick Out at 88 CPW

Those heartbroken that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick had snapped up the perfect eight-bedroom family pad, chin up. The 88 Central Park West duplex is back on the market, a source has confirmed.

After a two-year odyssey, it seemed as if the couple had finally settled on socialite Laurie Tisch’s ninth to 10th-floor spot, but the celebs came down with a bad case of buyers’ remorse right before signing the contract, said the source.

Curbed spotted the listing earlier today.

The apartment is now being marketed two ways. There remains the original eight-bedroom, $21.5 million listing the Parker-Brodericks turned down, or buyers could purchase a smaller, five-bedroom unit for $18.25 million. The buyer who selected the, by comparison, diminutive pad will lose the western portion, but keep those stunning Central Park views, which one broker crowed are much better than those from Sting’s former $17.75 million unit on the third floor.

The Tisch apartment, with a 32-foot living room, 10.5-foot ceilings, and two walk-in closets in the master bedroom, seemed a “perfect” fit for the family, said a source. But then, who wouldn’t want to live in a 1910 co-op with glass French doors, inlaid floors, coffered ceilings and enough bedrooms for family of yodeling prodigies? Paging the Novogratz clan.

Stribling’s Cindy Kurtin, who has the listing, declined to comment.

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It’s Official: Parker and Broderick Out at 88 CPW