John Haggerty On Challenging Soros’ Signature

On Monday, Azi Paybarah reported that Republicans in Westchester challenged the absentee ballot of George Soros, the wealthy Democratic donor who has given millions of dollars to progressive causes over the years.

The challenge came from the campaign of Assemblyman Bob Castelli, who is currently locked in a tight recount against Democratic challenger Thomas Roach.

Soros has long been a target of Republican ire for his ability to bankroll Democratic candidates and causes. Glenn Beck recently devoted a long segment to an “expose” of Soros that accused him of, among other things, being an “anti-Semite,” and even attempted to tie Soros to Wikileaks.

But the man who filed the challenge said he wasn’t going after George Soros because he’s George Soros.

“Soros’ ballot was challenged because his ballot application had an ‘electronic signature’ not a original signature as required by law,” explained John Haggerty Jr., in an email to The Observer.

The Castelli campaign did not challenge the absentee ballots of a couple other leading Democrats–Bill and Hillary Clinton, who live in the same district.

Haggerty is helping out with the Castelli recount after serving as one of the top aides to Carl Paladino’s gubernatorial campaign, and while awaiting trial on a charges relating to money that allegedly went missing from Mayor Bloomberg’s re-election bid last year.

A spokesman for Soros did not return an email for comment.


John Haggerty On Challenging Soros’ Signature