Julian Assange Gets Bail, Retreats to “Manor Arrest”

A London judge granted bail to Julian Assange today, freeing him to go from solitary confinement to “manor arrest” at the ten bedrooom, 600-acre estate of an “independently wealthy” English journalist in Suffolk, writes Nitasha Tiku at New York Magazine.

Guess Assange won’t be couchsurfing with his hacker buddies anymore. It’s all fox hunts, tea and crumpets while he waits to see if Britain will extradite him to Sweden to face charges of molestation and rape.

The judge was less lenient with British journalists today, banning Twitter from the courtroom in the same ruling. Harsh. The Guardian, in a moment of Assangian rebellion, is doing it anyway.

Recent tweets by Esther Addley, about a U.K. publisher who is a “surety” (in the tank for Assange):

“Felix dennis, in case u forgot, caused mini fuss recently when he claimed to have killed a man. #assange #wikileaks”

“i should say he later retracted #assange #wikileaks”

Merry Old England! 

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Julian Assange Gets Bail, Retreats to “Manor Arrest”