Long Island’s Tinychat Voted Most Popular on Facebook

Suburban houses in Glen Cove like the one we imagine Tinychat lives in.

Tinychat, you sure got big fast.

The Glen Cove-based company provides a simple, free web-based video chat service where up to 12 people can join a video chat room.

The Facebook app the company released in August is killing it. The app already has 2.4 million users, making Tinychat the most popular video chat app on Facebook, according to TechCrunch:

It’s easy to see why it became so popular – the application is designed to spread virally among Facebook friends, as you can invite online contacts to join you in a live video chat in a snap, through Facebook Chat, without the need for your friend to have the application installed.

The best part about this success story is that the two-year old Tinychat is 100% bootstrapped — apparently that’s possible in the suburbs!

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Long Island’s Tinychat Voted Most Popular on Facebook