Maloney kicks off Mercer sheriff’s campaign

John K. Maloney with the Hunterdon County Sheriff’s Office, today announced his 2011 candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Mercer County Sheriff.

“The people of Mercer deserve a fiscally-responsible but proactive sheriff’s office that can provide quality public safety services,” said the 47-year old Maloney, who is responsible for the day-today administration of the sheriff’s office. “Like many governmental entities wrangling with today’s fiscal reality, the Hunterdon County Sheriff’s Office routinely had to make do with fewer resources. Despite those dwindling resources, however, we were able to provide the same quality of service to the public and fulfill our responsibility to the courts.”

A graduate of Rutgers Camden and an attorney since 1999, Maloney was a public defender with the New Jersey State Office of the Public Defender for seven years prior to joining the Sheriff’s Office. He was the Mercer Public Defender Office’s first liaison for Drug Court and handled the Pre-Indictment Conference (PIC) program for two years. Additionally, Maloney served as team leader for the Honorable Charles A. Delehey, and is familiar with the procedures, policies and responsibilities of the Judiciary.

As administrative undersheriff in Hunterdon, Maloney identifies court security needs, and was responsible for writing and revising the HCSO’s standard operating procedures, rules and regulations, court security plans, and annual reports. In addition, Maloney serves as the Internal Affairs and Media Relations Officer, and handles grant research and writing for the Office. In 2009, he authored a U.S. Department of Justice COPS grant that secured significant federal funding to provide courthouse security enhancements, communications upgrades and computer access advancements. 

“Throughout my career, I have worked with people at all levels of government and with members of both parties,” Maloney said. “I have successfully partnered with local, county and state law enforcement agencies, court personnel and members of the bar. I have the experience, insight, drive, and ability to lead the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office.”

Undersheriff for former Hunterdon County Sheriff Deborah Trout, Maloney defended his boss in print as she warred with the Hunterdon County Freeholders. 


Maloney kicks off Mercer sheriff’s campaign