Marine Life Advocate January Jones Makes a Splash in The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post today upped its already formidable stature in the celebrity-blog-platform bracket with the debut of January Jones. Whatever could Mad Men‘s Betty Draper be writing about? Shark fins!

You see, January Jones is a marine life activist. Or, rather, a shark activist. A sharktivist. A sharkattacktivist. A believer in the shark fin. A saint to the swimmers. A caregiver for the Carcharodon carcharias and a patron of the Apristurus profundorum.

“Christmas came early for sharks, as Congress took the last step yesterday to pass a ban on shark finning in the U.S.” January Jones wrote today on that news website. “Shark finning is the brutal practice of slicing off a shark’s fins, often for use in shark fin soup, an Asian delicacy. The shark — sometimes still alive — may be thrown back into the sea to bleed to death. Each year, commercial fishing gear kills more than 100 million sharks worldwide, including tens of millions for just their fins.”

Yes, shark cruelty is an issue. East Harbor Seafood Palace, in Dyker Heights, told The Observer that the Asian delicacy is “very popular” even if it costs $60 for a bowl with a full fin. And surprising though her advocacy may be, Ms. Jones does boast the pedigree for the position. “Having swum with sharks large and small, I can tell you, they are magnificent creatures,” she writes. Have you swam with sharks? We sure haven’t!

Now, with Dont Ask, Don’t Tell just signed and a fight for the DREAM Act on the horizon, January is urging President Obama to take stock of the plight of the sharks and sign this bill into law.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — we shouldn’t be scared of sharks, we should be scared for them,” reads one hell of a kicker. Let’s hope things go swimmingly!

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Marine Life Advocate January Jones Makes a Splash in The Huffington Post