Mayor Bloomberg Praises Gillibrand for Work on 9/11 Bill

Might Mayor Bloomberg be coming around to Kirsten Gillibrand?

At a press conference yesterday, the mayor went out of his way to praise the junior senator for her work on the 9/11 health care bill.

Asked if there was someone in the Senate who he would blame for the bill not passing yet, the mayor turned the question around.

“I think if you want to go and say one person really has done the right thing and spearheaded this–and I think Chuck would agree with me–it would be Gillibrand,” he said. “Senator Gillibrand has just worked as hard as anybody has ever worked on anything. Chuck’s been helpful so have a lot of other people. But I think Gillibrand deserves the credit.”

As the successor to Hillary Clinton, the 9/11 bill was handed to Gillibrand, and, since it went to the Senate, most of the delegation has deferred to her at press conferences and other events. That ownership has helped her raise her profile over the last few weeks; she was on no less than four national shows just yesterday talking about the bill.

But, the mayor’s praise is something slightly different, since he’s never taken much of an interest in helping her solidify the seat. And it’s particularly interesting since his girlfriend, Diana Taylor, has admitted her own interest in running against Gillibrand, and remains one of the more intriguing potential challengers in 2012. Mayor Bloomberg Praises Gillibrand for Work on 9/11 Bill