Months After Revelations of Sex Worker Past, Bronx Teacher Still Talking About Sex Worker Past

It’s been way too long since we’ve checked in with Melissa Petro, the Bronx teacher who was taken out of the classroom after some ill-advised blogging for The Huffington Post. The steamy piece detailed her habit selling her body on Craigslist, a history that PS 70 considered not exactly the correct work experience for an art teacher. Then, she mouthed off about her stint as a stripper in Mexico and the girl-on-girl reawakening that took place south of the border.

Whatever has this professorial playgirl been up to! Marie Claire snagged a big interview with Petro, and it seems like she’s weathered the storm pretty well. She says she sits at a desk all day doing little more than surfing the internet, on the city’s dime. She’s still paid full salary.

“‘Reassigned’ means that instead of teaching, I go to the administrative offices at 65 Court Street, where I sit six hours and 50 minutes each weekday in a windowless cubicle at a generic desk they’ve designated as mine,” she tells Marie Claire. “Because I’m tenured, it is my understanding that the state of New York cannot fire me without evidence that I’ve egregiously violated my contract.”

Sounds cushy! But it must be a dreadful bore after the types of gigs she’s held before. Here’s Petro on her former choice of employment: responding to and placing sex ads on Craigslist.

I generally responded to ads placed by men. Guys would place ads looking for a “non pro,” that is, a nonprofessional, a regular girl looking to make some quick cash. I’d also, less frequently, place my own ads in this section billing myself as what I was — a regular girl, so to speak. I’d say I was a grad student, bored and curious, looking for a little excitement. I sold what ultimately amounted to GFE, “the Girlfriend Experience,” which basically means the customer can expect the girl to be willing to act as if she were a “real” date or girlfriend. Kissing, touching, oral sex, sex-sex….

And it cuts off there! The rest of the interview, sadly, can only been seen in the issue. There goes another $3.50.

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