More LULZ From the 250 Most-Common Gawker Passwords

It’s the Gawker Media hack that keeps on giving.

Due to popular demand, the Internet security agency Duo Security has crunched the top 250 most-common passwords chosen by Gawker users.

There were 202,000 unique passwords in the set of 400,000 cracked passwords, Duo Security wrote in a blog post.

Of the unique passwords, approximately 33 percent had a password that was also chosen by someone else, such as the 229 people who picked “computer” and the 103 people who selected “poop.”

Other popular passwords include “coolness,” “booger,” “goober,” “shithead,” “jackass,” “blink182,” “pumpkin” and “pookie.”

For a reprise on how to create a strong password, check out Microsoft’s tips on password mnemonics. (Protip: Don’t use a word that’s in the dictionary, pookie.)

And for an illustrated guide to the top 25 Gawker passwords, check out our feature, The 25 Dumbest Gawker Passwords, In Order.

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More LULZ From the 250 Most-Common Gawker Passwords