More ‘Meh’ Towers Coming to Downtown Brooklyn

The real estate boom reshaped the New York skyline considerably, but few places saw the impact like downtown Brooklyn, where a half-dozen new apartment towers sprung up in recent years following the area’s 2004 rezoning.

Only one of these towers was terribly remarkable, the SOM-designed Toren, which The Observer named one of the best buildings of the year.

Now it looks like two new towers will be sprouting alon Flatbush Avenue, according to Curbed, a 49-floor, 234-rental tower at 388 Bridge Street and a 44-floor, 333-unit building at 29 Flatbush. The former is designed by SLCE, the latter Ishmael Leyva. Neither are known for their particular design chops, so it looks like more of the same for the strip–Leyva, in addition to designing towers all over Manhattan, created the Oro on this stretch.

Along with DKLB BKLYN, the Brooklyner (yes, those are real developement names) and a couple others, there’s really nothing much to look at.

Consider us Toren up by this depressing design news.

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More ‘Meh’ Towers Coming to Downtown Brooklyn