Morning Read: A Political Witchhunt and Never About the Truth

The Public Integrity Commission said that David Paterson violated state ethics laws when he accepted Yankees World Series tickets since the club has business before the state.

Paterson’s lawyer said,  “the commission has wildly misrepresented the facts, exceeded its legal authority and generally confirmed what has long been obvious: that these proceedings were always about a political witch hunt and never about the truth.” 

Dicker: “Gov. Paterson is an incorrigible liar whose words, under scrutiny, rarely hold up.”

Joanna Molloy says that Rep. Peter King’s hearings on Muslims in America resurrects the memory of Joe McCarthy.

And Bill Hammond wonders if King has the right temperment for the job.

Mike Bloomberg wants to institute mayoral control for the city’s juvenile jails.

Dan Maffei is considering running for his old Congressional seat in two years.

City officials knew something was wrong with CityTime as late as 2003.

The votes are there to pass Zadroga, says Chuck Schumer.

Critics say new Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr. is clogging courts with tough tactics.

Job growth and better-than-expected business profits will bring in $525 million more in tax revenues next year and $790 million more in 2012 than Mayor Bloomberg originally predicted, said the Independent Budget Office.

“In an escalating dispute with New York City education officials, federal authorities say they will soon begin inspecting classrooms for PCB contamination because the city is downplaying the potential danger to children. The city, in turn, said that if the Environmental Protection Agency gets what it wants, it will cause 15,000 teacher layoffs,” reports Devlin Barrett.

Pedro Espada could be facing another indictment on income tax evasion.

The Senate Democrats are facing $7 million in debt after over-paying for staffers and offices.

Jared Abbruzzese, one of former Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno‘s business partners, whose dealings helped convict the veteran lawmaker a year ago, has been cleared of lobbying violations dating back five years.

 A profile of the new state health commissioner.

And remember the Great Transit Strike of 2005??





  Morning Read: A Political Witchhunt and Never About the Truth