Morning Read: Loud, Angry and Everywhere

Andrew Cuomo is expected to begin a big push to limit property taxes.

Wal-Mart remains determined to move into the city.

Mike Bloomberg said he was not running for President, and added, “I want to go out having a reputation as a very good, maybe the greatest mayor ever.”

Adam Lisberg says the mayor’s ego got the best of him.

Geoffrey Canada, who was rumored to be Bloomberg’s first choice for schools chief, said that the appointment of Cathie Black was “tremendous.”

Celeste Katz on Anthony Weiner: “He’s loud, he’s angry and he’s everywhere.”

Andrew Hawkins surveys legislators for their take on Cuomo’s appointments.

Fred Dicker surveys 2010 winners and losers.

New York magazine asks Eliot Spitzer why he sits so close to Kathleen Parker.

Gov. David Paterson vetoed a bill Saturday that would have placed a five-month ban on all natural gas drilling known as hydrofracking, but issued an executive order to prohibit some of the drilling through July.

Gregory Meeks’ PAC pays rent for an office in Queens that doesn’t exist.

And the “No Labels” conference kicks off today with a star-studded political line-up. Morning Read: Loud, Angry and Everywhere