Morning Read: Options Open

Expect more speeches like the one Mayor Bloomberg gave yesterday, say aides.

Steve Spinola thinks the mayor is “keeping all his options open.”

Bloomberg told Katie Couric he’s not running.

Critics fault the mayor’s homeless programs.

Lobbyist Patricia Lynch agreed to a $500,000 settlement with the AG’s office in a pay-to-play investigation.

Spokesman Darren Dopp said: “We’re pleased to put the matter behind us.”

The sponsors of the Zadroga 9/11 Health Care Bill are trying to work it into the tax cut compromise.

The House passed the DREAM Act, but there’s no guarantee it gets through the Senate.

The Daily News talks to a young man who would qualify.

OTBs: Closed.

But Senate Republicans aren’t giving up on them yet.

There’s a possibility it could close the Saratoga Racetrack.

Jonathan Bing talks about the economic effects of the Second Avenue subway, also makes pizza. Morning Read: Options Open