Morning Read: Winter Blunderland

NYT A1 lede: As New York City struggled with huge snowdrifts left by a crippling blizzard the day before, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg acknowledged on Tuesday that the cleanup had been slower than expected and the impact worse than had been apparent when the snow stopped falling.

Michael Powell on Bloomberg’s OEM press conference yesterday: He can do humble but for only so long – perhaps 20 minutes. His conciliatory summary went well enough. Then reporters took to tossing their impertinent questions and the mayor nearly twitched with the effort to keep his eyes from rolling sarcastically.

The mayor “woke up and smelled the catastrophe,” Goldenberg and Margolin say.

More pols pile on as Councilman David Greenfield takes to calling this “The Bloomberg Blizzard.”

The Staten Island street of Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty was plowed clean, while the two streets next to his remained “a snow-choked winter blunderland.”

Assemblyman Dov Hikind is calling for Doherty’s resignation.

A Facebook page–with nealry 250 fans–has already been created for the cause.

The impact of snow covered streets and an overloaded 911 system: A woman with stroke symptoms in Midwood, Brooklyn, waited for an ambulance for six hours, finally arriving at the hospital with telltale signs of advanced brain damage. In Forest Hills, Queens, bystanders waited for three hours next to a man lying unconscious in the snow before they were able to flag down help. And in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a mother in labor who started calling 911 at 8:30 a.m. on Monday did not get an ambulance until 6 p.m., too late to save the baby.

Memories of Lindsay.

A former assistant sanitation commissioner defends the city’s response.

A look at how Buffalo handles snow response

Carl Paladino gave the Conservative Party a boost.

Senate Democrats, $7 million over budget, will have to layoff 200 staffers.

A loophole may prevent 9/11 first responders from getting their Zadroga payout.

Carl McCall will serve as trustee of Charle Rangel’s legal defense fund.

Chess is legal in Inwood Park.


  Morning Read: Winter Blunderland