New York Headhunters Look To Hire Back Homegrown Tech Talent

To each his own.

There is a serious crunch for tech talent around the nation, but especially in New York, which doesn’t have IPO-friendly firms like Facebook and Twitter.

For Dave Carvajal, this looked like a business opportunity. Formerly an exec at high-end job site The Ladders, Carvajal now runs Dave Partners,a boutique headhunting firm that places engineers, programmers and executives at Silicon Alley startups.

“We are specifically looking for all of those graduates from the top East Coast universities over the past five to eight years who had to go to the West Coast to get a great job at a great startup,”Carvajal told Wired. “We’re going to bring them back home.”

What can he offer in place of the lucrative pay and stock options available out in the Valley?

“One of the things that is attractive to a lot of the top talent is the alternative lifestyle that startups can offer, where they can actually have fun, they can actually be surrounded by people who are highly intellectual and are highly committed to making something great happen on the web,” says Carvajal.

Ahh New York, home to the world’s most attractive strains of “alternative lifestyles.”

  New York Headhunters Look To Hire Back Homegrown Tech Talent