New Yorkers Gather To Hack Their Food

Danielle Gould considers herself a social alchemist, mixing elements from the world of food and technology for the betterment of all New York.

Tomorrow she’s hosting the innaugural Food + Tech Hackathon: “This open-source hacking event will bring together developers from all over the state to hack on real-world problems relating to how we grow, prepare, and interact with food.”

Higlights from tomorrow include a session to brainstorm software, “For individuals to come together and collectively buy whole animals direct from farmers, as well as tools for farmers to manage herds and slaughtering schedules.”

A program that reminds you when it’s time to manage your cows. Uhm hello? Ever heard of Farmville 😉

Tickets are still available here for hungry hackers.

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New Yorkers Gather To Hack Their Food