New York’s Cries Victory After AOL Snaps Up

It’s hard to know what New York-based is feeling right now. generates simple, visually-compelling personal homepages, free for basic features with a premium subscription available. The basic format is a background photo with links to Twitter, Facebook, blogs or whatever.

The site is strikingly similar to, which was bought by AOL this morning after being open to the public for only four days.

AOL passed over in favor of, in which it had previously invested and where personal relationships probably played a part. Rejection hurts, as does seeing large sums of money being handed to your competitors.

On the other hand, is now a prime target for acquisition and has a lot to gain if AOL lets languish as sometimes happens when mega-companies acquire small, crafty startups. Remember when Yahoo ate Delicious? seems to be triumphant based on all the trash it’s talking on Twitter. “Thanks for joining the good side,” told local investor/entrepreneur Mark Birch, who switched from after news of the acquisition.

The retweets were more bombastic–reactions from’s followers include, “Since is now doomed to die a painful death, check out – which is much better anyway!” and “I feel like is just the overhyped, buggy copycat of” plus two invocations of the hashtag “#AOLfail.”

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New York’s Cries Victory After AOL Snaps Up