Nick Denton: “Pageviews Are The Last Thing I Care About Today”

Nick Denton has been fielding questions on from Gawker readers in a thread on since 11 a.m. this morning,

I don’t have many technical answers… But I do want to tell you how sorry we are. I can also reassure those who worry about the role of commenters in the new Gawker. And I’m here for my beating.

In the wake of the extensive and successful cyberattack on Gawker’s network of sites, Denton was contrite, responsive and reflective:

If anything, I’d blame our relentless quest for growth. We’re always trying to bring out the new thing, whether it’s tiered comments or the new layout. And we don’t spend enough time or energy consolidating what we already have.

Gawker is emailing users to tell them expicitly to change their passwords, Denton said today, countering criticism that Gawker had tried to play down the scandal at the expense of its users’ security.

The solution to the security issues will be an audit of Gawker’s systems with “one of those horrendously expensive security consultantes,” he said.

Denton also talked about some upcoming changes to the commenting system as part of the redesign. Gawker plans to rank threads by the number of stars and authors participating in them rather than ordering them in reverse chronological order—that will happen later in January, Denton said. On January 3rd, comments will get a wide-screen layout and look more like posts. “The value is in the better comments. The new design will reflect that,” he said.

“What kind of pageview boosts are you getting today?” one commenter asked, suggesting that Gawker do a “blunt & open series on what this means for Gawker.”

“Pageviews are the last thing I care about today,” Denton wrote.

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Nick Denton: “Pageviews Are The Last Thing I Care About Today”